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:: Can't Adhere ::
Rolling fields of grass seem like the ocean to me as I float along, tasting the sweetness of each blade, as if, they too were drops of salt water. The essences of eager hopes linger on my tongue. I’m pushed along this calming yet anxious sea of grass into the sky above; I dive in without hesitating. The clouds are none and I’m adrift in a blanket of rich blue.
Despite the wind that churns the fields below, I feel only a slight rush of air push past my face as I sail deeper into the vastness that is set before my eyes. My lips are slightly numb from the song I’ve been humming silently; I don’t sing aloud because it would be a crime against this tranquility. The further I go, the deeper the blue gets; no, darker.
Soon I’m drowning in a pool of stars whose brilliance is devastating in a good way. In a way, they are greedy blips of light against the deep, rich bruise blue; stealing light from every other form of life. I can feel them draining what little light I ha
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..Snow Days..
tuesday its sticking lightly to
my hair resembling my
feelings of late on
      numbing and fleeting
wednesday my tires are
in the slushy mess that
are the roads just like
my mind with my heart being
nothing more than this
      dead weight
thursday i look up at the
overcast sky
as i sail backwards onto
the icy ground
a gasp of air escapes
roughly realizing my
lungs are no longer a
      safe bet
friday everything is ironically
in a blanket of rich
blinding white
i thought blankets were
supposed to be warm but
i thought the same thing
about love
saturday i’m bundled up with all
my hopes and wishes
as i try my hand at
with cleavage as my bait
and liquor my lifejacket
i was never able to
sunday no indents are appearing
in the snow where my
tears have fallen just
like my heart was
:iconlaurel-chan:laurel-chan 1 1
..Self Inflicted..
When I stare at you, I can still feel your apprehensive fingertips against my long forgotten skin. You weren't sure what to do; you were out of practice. Gently, you trace the contours of my body, one that most times I don't feel comfortable in. As your skilled guitar fingers play along my skin, I'm whisked away to a place where everything can hurt me; I'm aware of everything. But as much as I know that you hold the power to break me, I feel at ease.
When I listen to you sing, I stare at those lips that once smashed against mine in breathless attempts to give meaning to the dark; I still feel them as well. I notice now how the bottom lip is much fuller than the top; the urge to nibble on it is a hard one to surpress. My tongue prances behind my lips; I yearn to press my lips against yours once more.
I smile as I imagine you smiling that crooked smile and in turn, you throw that grin towards me in response; can you read my expressions? I didn't say a word and yet you knew thats what I w
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..Still Beating..
Where is your heart today? Is it there, clinging with the very last bit of possible strength to your sleeve as you parade it for the world to ignore? Oh, I'm sorry, you're being optimistic in your tryst with this wishful thinking of an idea that the population as a whole will acknowledge your so-called bleeding heart; well, my dear, so do a billion others.
Or is it locked away in some dark, damp space where no one, not even sunlight, can reach it as you toy with the masochistic idea that someone out there has the missing key to set it free; honey, if it was meant to be locked away they would not be painted such a brilliant shade of red that thrives in the sunlight.
Or maybe you have it lodged in your throat, drowning as you continuously swallow your own bile that has a scorched taste to it from all the burning truths you've snuffed out; darling, it doesn't want you to become bulimic with your truths, but just know, it doesn't have a life jacket.
Or maybe today it's been displaced in
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An Odd Mix of O.C.D & A.D.D.
United States
Current Residence: Spokane WA, living and working at the Japanese College
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  • Listening to: EWU students complaining
Is it bad that I'm only favoring contest entries that actually follow the given theme? (in reference to the 'Draw Your Dreams' Contest) Lemme explain: The theme is to draw YOUR dreams i.e. GOALS for your life, they even say it in the contest description. And yet, 75% of the entries are like, actual dreams or fantasies. Yes, art is up to everyone's individual interpretation, but, I entered the contest, I followed the theme as provided and it just really bugs me. I think it bugs me mostly because I followed the theme and yet there are currently Top pictures which have NOTHING to do with the actual theme. It also bugs me because, the point of a themed contest is to challenge oneself to portray another artists idea, not draw your idea of what that idea is ('specially when that idea was made EXCEPTIONALLY clear!) I dunno...I don't really care about winning but I wouldn't mind it. But also support those who actually tried really hard to express their dreams and goals instead of just drawing some fairy or nightmare picture. I was really excited to see the entries for the contest because it's like a look inside someones soul. But sadly, people have disappointed me on that end. The plus side is there are TONS of beautiful entries and are deserving of praise, but just not for this contest. I do suggest everyone go take a look at the entries, admire and please vote!! :)

Aside from that, I'm slowly and randomly drawing things, but school is kickin' my butt and by the time I have free time, I either wanna sleeeeeeeep or mindlessly watch TV. Inspiration comes easily but formulating that into a decent idea and then being motivated without becoming discouraged is the tough part. Being discouraged has become a theme lately. Maybe I should illustrate that, get it outta my system. I have a list of things I really want to draw and/or write, so hopefully I can find the focus power in January when I have no students. My schedule gives me some free afternoons next quarter, so, it seems promising!

Otherwise, I'm doing good. School and work are stressful but they keep me busy so I'm not sitting at home being lazy or moping about. Long distance relationships suck, but it's a learning and growing experience for shore! :) I hope everyone is doing good, I'm horrible at keeping in touch but I do care! Love and See y'all in a quarters time LOL


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